26 mars till 1 april


Nasi goreng with shrimps, chicken and vegetables, served with mango chutney
Indian Aloo Gobi with cauliflower and potatoes, served with bulgr
Crispy cod with spinach, white wine sauce, lemon and potatoes


Oven baked broccoli and carrot with black pepper sauce, pak choi and rice
Poached fish with beurre blanc, asparagus, lemon and boiled potatoes
Boeuf bourgignone with mushrooms, bacon and garlic, served with mashed potatoes


Stuffed pepper with beans, corn and cheese, served with basil cream
Fish pot with garlic bread, aioli and potatoes
Spicy lamb patties with tzatziki, tomato sauce and roasted potatoes


Vegetarian canneloni with mushroom, ricotta and tomato sauce
Baked salmon with white wine sauce, shrimps, dill and potatoes
Baked pork collar with potato gratin, bearnaise and red wine sauce


CLOSED! Have a nice weekend!