26 augusti till 1 september


Jalapeno spiced chick pea patties with mango yoghurt and couscous
White wine poached saithe with dill and fennel sauce and potatoes
Oven baked pork with chantarell sauce, jelly and roasted potatoes


Vegetarian "Pytt i panna" with quorn, roots and cottage cheese
Panko baked fish with lactose free lobster sauce and potatoes
Fried salted pork with onion sauce, lingonberries and boiled potatoes


Stir fried soy protein with cashew nuts and rice
Shrimp gratinated fish with radish, chervil and potatoes
Meatloaf with onion and port wine gravy and mashed potatoes


Indian lentil stew with raita, roasted pumpkin and rice
Breaded flounder with tartar sauce, lemon and potatoes
Beef stew "Stroganoff" with mushrooms, pepper and sour cream
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetarian spring rolls with fried rice and sweet chili
Asian fish cakes with pickled vegetables and sweet&sour sauce
Grill buffé with drumsticks, pork collar and sausage, served with bearnaise sauce
Modis ice cream buffé