23 oktober till 29 oktober


Vegetarian Nasi goreng with egg, bean sprouts and mango salsa
Breaded fish with dill&chives cream, lemon and boiled potatoes
Gratinated chicken filé with mozzarella, basil sauce and rice
Broccoli soup
Fried pork piccata with tomato sauce and rice


Moroccan vegetablestew with curry and tomato, served with bulgur
Olive baked fish with artichoke, tomatoe vinaigrett and saffron rice
Fried salted pork with onion sauce, lingonberries and boiled potatoes


Vegetarian small pancakes with zucchini, corn and carrots, served with tzatziki
Tempurabaked haddock with ginger&lime mayonnaise, soy sauce and rice
Beef chili with cacao, garlic and tomato, served with rice


Tortellini in creamy blue cheese sauce with roasted vegetables and arugula
Fish&seafood pot with garlic, tomato and saffron, served with aioli and potatoes
Deer patties with cream sauce, mushrooms and roasted potatoes
Pea soup with pork and pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetarian pie with olives, sundried tomatoes and feta cheese
Seafood&fish patties with shrimp sauce, potatoes and lemon
Gyros pita with garlic sauce and hot tomato sauce