21 maj till 27 maj


Vegetarian stir fry with quorn, vegetables and hot basil, served with rice
Poached haddock with lobster sauce, aspargus and dill
Chicken Tandoori with hot tomato ragu, mint yoghurt and rice
Creamy fish soup with dill, fennel and saffron


Vegetarian "Stroganoff" with soy protein, sour cream and rice
Tempura baked fish with herb sauce, lemon and boiled potatoes
Fried pork with grenn pepper sauce, roasted potatoes and jelly


Spinach&green pea patties wiith pecorino sauce and bulgur
Gratinated fish with cheese, broccoli and crayfish, served with boiled potatoes
Kebab with hot sauce, garlic sauce, fefferoni and pita bread


Polenta with grana padano, wine and herbs, served with bean salad
Almond&panko baked fish with white wine sauce, lemon and boiled potatoes
Beef patties with fried onions, gravy and lingonberries, served with boiled potatoes
Soup of the day/Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Pizza with artichoke, pepper and mushrooms
Salmon patties with lime&chili mayonaise, soy and fried rice
Roast beef with potato salad, fried onions and cornichons