24 juni till 30 juni


Vegetarian zucchini - and carrot pancakes with cottage cheese
Poached saithe with shrimps, eggs and dill, served with potatoes
Red curry chicken with fresh vegetables and rice
Cauliflower soup with truffel flavour


Vegetarian tortellini in creamy cheese sauce with fried aspargus and spinach
Baked fish in saffron sauce with carrots and boiled potatoes
"Pytt i panna" with fried eggs, pickled beetroot and Hp sauce
Asian chicken soup with coconut, red curry and lime


Breaded fish with remoulade sauce, lemon and boiled potatoes
Beef burgers with mushroom sauce, lingonberries and mashed potatoes
Creamt vegetable soup wih fennel and marjoram
Vegetarian omelette with ricotta


Potato omelette with garlic, chili and ricotta
Gratinated cod with crayfish and dill, served with boiled potatoes
Ovenbaked pork collar with bearnaise sauce and rosted roots
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream
Mushroom soup with thyme and rosemary


Stir fried vegetables with quorn and chilidip
Fish - and shellfish pot with aioli and boiled potatoes
Hamburger buffé with classic sides