18 februari till 24 februari


Fried broccoli&carrot patties with mango salsa and bulgur
Poached saithe in egg sauce, lemon and potatoes
Indian curry chicken with ginger, chili and coconut, served with rice
Creamy fish soup with roots
Fried pork schnitzel with café de paris butter


Sweet potato curry with coconut and orange, served with rice
Gratinated fish with mushrooms, radish, carrot and potatoes
Fried pork collar with café de paris butter and roasted potatoes
Creamy spinach soup with nutmeg
Extra:Beef burgers in apple sauce and boiled potatoes


Spicy "Pytt i panna" with harissa, zucchini and quorn, served with yoghurt
Boiled cod with spinach, white wine sauce and dill
Beef burger with broth boiled potatoes, beetroots and onion
Indian chicken soup with coconut and mushrooms


Vegetarian moussaka with quorn, aubergine and potatoes
Herb&lemon baked fish with fennel sauce and potatoes
Meat stew with roots, thyme and garlic, served with boiled potatoes
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


pie with sundried tomatoes, broccoli and leek, served with tzatziki
Baked fish in lactose free shrimp sauce with aspargus
"Wallenbergare" with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and butter
Corn soup with coconut and chili