19 mars till 25 mars


Fried broccoli - and bean patties with herb yoghurt and bulgur
Gratinated cod in saffron sauce, fennel and potatoes
Chicken in red wine sauce with rosemary and garlic, served with mashed potatoes
Creamy green pea soup


Vegetarian pasta gratin with tomato, zucchini and feta cheese
Rye flower fried red fish with anchovyhollandaise, served with lemon and potatoes
Baked pork collar with greenpepper sauce, carrots and potatoes
Creamy spinach soup with nutmeg and lemon


Maroccan vegetable stew with tomato, cumin and yoghurt
Baked cod with dill - and chives sauce, beetroot and potatoes
wallen bergare with lactose free cream sauce, lingonberries and potatoes
Corn soup with ginger and coconut


Puff pastry baked vegetables with cottage cheese
Olive - and pepperbaked saithe with roasted carrot and potatoes
Beef stew with vegetables, chili and garlic, served with rice
Pea soup with pork/ Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetable spring rolls with rice and sweet chili
Herb - and panko baked saithe with shellfish sauce and potatoes
Fried pork noisettes with café de paris butter and roasted potatoes
Algerian vegetable soup with cumin, garlic and tomato
Beef stew with vegetables and tomato