19 augusti till 25 augusti


Vegetarian quorn and vegetable stew with couscous
Poached cod with lobster sauce, beans and dill
Hot chicken legs with indian vegetable stew and raita
Blue cheese - and broccoli soup with truffel flavour


Vegetarian chili with quorn, beans and avocado cream
Fried herring with butter, mashed potatoes and lingonberries
Baked pork collar with mushroom sauce, jelly and roasted potatoes
Indian lentil and tomato soup


Pasta Tortellini with cheese, spinach and roasted roots
Breaded hoki with remoulade sauce, lemon and boiled potatoes
Beef yakiniku with soy, sesame and leek served with rice
Cauliflower soup with tarragon


Gratinated saithe with crayfish, broccoli and boiled potatoes
Meat stew with carrots and onion served with boiled potatoes
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream
Mushroom soup
Quorn stew with beans, guacamole and rice


Noodle salad with tofu, peanuts and sweet soy sauce
Fish tagine with aubergine, pepper and onion
Wallenbergare with mashed potatoes, lingonberries and peas
Modis ice cream buffé
Potato and leek soup