18 september till 24 september


Stir-fried eggnoodles with soyprotein, fresh vegetables and sweet chili
Fish&seafood casserole with fennel, saffron and dillaioli
Fried chorizo and merques sausage with pepper, zucchini and sauerkraut


Inian beanstew with coconut, coriander and tomatoe, served with bulgur
Fishpiccata with tomatoesauce, rice and lemon
Ovenbake chicken in creamy tarragon&dijonsauce, served with rice
Soup of the day


Fried beetroot patties with fetacheese and couscous
Orange&almondbaked fish with whitewinesauce, boiled potatoes and lemon
Vealstew with rootfruits, cream and dill, served with mashed potatoes
Soup of the day


Vegetable lasagna with beans, quorn and cheese
Gratinated fish with whitewine, cream and fried mushrooms, served with boiled potatoes
Beefstew with anchochili, cocoa and garlic, served with rice
Pea soup with pork and pancakes with whipped cream and jam


Fritata with chantarells asparagus and cheese
Salmon patties in creamy shrimpsauce with dill and chives, served with boiled potatoes
"Wallenbergare" with butter, lingonberries and mashed potatoes
Soup of the day