9 december till 15 december


Stir fried soy protein with vegetables and rice
Poached haddock with yellow carrot and white eine sauce
Red curry beef with vegetables and rice
Vegetable soup with thym and garlic


Fried rice with quorn, omelette and vegetables served with chilidip
Poached cod in lactose free saffron sauce with spinach and potatoes
Garlic fried chicken leg with roasted roots, blue cheese sauce and potatoes
Green pea soup with truffel flavour


Chick pea stew with spinach, yellow curry and bulgur
Breaded flounder with remoulade sauce, lemon and potatoes
Beef burger with beetroots, capers and parsley butter served with roasted potatoes
Asian corn soup with chili and ginger


Vegetarian "pytt i panna" with harissa, roots and cottage cheese
Shrimp gratinated fish with radish and boiled potatoes
Gulasch stew with caraway and pepper served with sourcream and rice
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Gratinated pasta gratin with ratatouille and grana padano cheese
Baked saith with sundries tomato pesto and boiled potatoes
Oven baked pork collar with bearnaise sauce, roasted potatoes and parsnip
Asian spinach and chick pea soup
Today friday we close for lunch at 13:00