21 januari till 27 januari


Fried vegetable patties with wheat berries and yoghurt
Poached haddock with shrimps, horse radish and white wine sauce
Cabbage rolls with cream sauce, mashed potatoes and lingonberries
Carrot soup with tarragon and ginger


Vegetarian Tortellini with blue cheese sauce with mushrooms and arugula
Lobster baked fish with beans and gratinated potato mash
Chicken leg with sweet&sour sauce and fried rice
Corn soup with coconut and chili
Extra: chili stew with rice


Indian chick pea stew with spinach and ginger
Pesto baked fish with grana padano and sundried tomatoes
Hamburgers with green pepper sauce and fried potatoes


Vegetarian "pytt i panna" with roots and egg, served with cottage cheese
Breaded fish with tartar sauce, lemon and potatoes
Meat stew with carrots and onion, served with beetroots and potatoes
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetarian pad thai with peanuts and tofu
Modis fish pot with saffron, salmon and fennel, served with aioli
Hamburgers with classic sides