18 december till 24 december


Vegetarian bean patties with couscous and chili yoghurt
Baked fish with sundried tomato and basil, served with yoghurt and potatoes
Cabbage rolls with cream sauce, lingonberries and pickled cucumber
Broccoli soup


Hot indonesian wok with fresh vegetables and quorn, served with rice
Poached fish with shrimp - and dill sauce, served with lemon and potatoes
Soy - and ginger marinated pork stir fry with rice


Puff pastry baked vegetables with herb yoghurt
Breaded fish with tartar sauce, lemon and potatoes
Chicken stew with curry, coconut cream and fried vegetables


Pasta with olives, feta cheese and tomato
Baked fish with roasted vegetables, basil yoghurt and potatoes
Beef chili with beans and tomato, served with rice
Pea soup with pork / Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Corn - and zucchini pancakes with goat cheese cream
Almond baked fish with white wine sauce, potatoes and chives
Baked pork collar with green pepper sauce, jelly and roasted potatoes