20 november till 26 november


Pasta with mushrooms, vegetables and spinach
Gratinated fish with fennel, lemon and boiled potatoes
Stir fried chicken teriyaki with cashew and rice
Creamy broccoli soup with soy protein


Bean stew with rosemary, onion and rice
Fried herring with mashed potaoes, brown butter and lingonberries
Pork collar with prunes, lactose free cream sauce, brussel sprouts
Asian corn soup
breaded celeriac
Kycklingwok med teriyakisås


Vegetarian pad thai with fresh vegetables, lime and quorn
Baked cod with salsify and beets, served with yoghurt and potatoes
Salted leg of pork with mashed turnips, mustard and apple salad
Green pea soup


Fried wheat berries with feta cheese, quorn and harissa
Breaded fish with tartar sauce, lemon and boiled potatoes
Beef chili with lemon sour cream, cheese and tortilla bread
Pea soup with pork/ Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetarian taco pie with tomato and leek, served with herb yoghurt
Red curry fish with lime leaves, lemon grass and peach, served with rice
"Wallenbergare" with butter, lingonberries and mashed potatoes
Lentil - and tomato soup
Cream sauce