22 oktober till 28 oktober


Broccoli&carrot patties with garlic sauce and wheat berry salad
Poached fish with crayfish, beans and chives, served with potatoes
Chicken leg with sweet&sour sauce, fried vegetables and rice
Extra:Veal patties with lingonberries and potatoes
Extra:Pasta Tortellini with vegetables in creamy tomato sauce


Indian lentil stew with cauliflower, coconut and rice
Fried herring with mashed potatoes, pickled onion and lingonberries
Fried pork with apple sauce, parsley butter and roasted potatoes


Fried beetroot patties with chevre cream and bulgur salad
Shellfish gratinated fish with radish and potatoes
Meatloaf with bacon, leek and roasted potatoes


Puff pastry baked vegetables with black pepper yoghurt
Herb - and crisp baked fish with saffron sauce and boiled potatoes
Meat stew with carrot and onion, served with pickled beetroot and potatoes
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Spring rolls with noodles and sriracha mayonnaise
Red curry fish with fried peach, coconut and rice
Fried pork loin with green pepper sauce and baked carrot