19 februari till 25 februari


Vegetarian gulasch with oumpfh, pepper and onion, served with sourcream and rice
Lime - and panko baked cod with shrimp hollandaise and potatoes
Chicken with chili sauce and bacon, served with rice
Extra dish: Lasagna
Green pea soup


Spring rolls with stirfried noodles, sweet chili and soy sauce
Poached fish with shrimps, brown butter and eggs
Beef patties with beetroot and capers, served with parsly butter and gravy


Quinoa patties, beetroot salad and feta cheese, served with herb yoghurt
Fish in creamy saffron sauce, baked fennel and chives
Salted leg of pork with mashed turnips and mustard


Pasta pesto with sundried tomatoes, olives and zucchini
Pea - and grana padano baked fish with lemon sauce and boiled potatoes
Red curry beef with lime, coconut and fresh vegetables, served with rice
Pea soup with pork/ Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Cajun gratinated zucchini with quorn and cheese, served with cottage cheese
Breaded fish with chervil - and chives sauce, lemon and potatoes
Fried veal tri tip with chili bearnaise, corn and roasted potatoes