18 mars till 24 mars


Cheese fried celeriac with tomato sauce and bulgur
Poached cod in lactose free shellfish sauce and boiled potatoes
Cabbage rolls with cream sauce, lingonberries and pickled cucumber
Corn soup with coconut and ginger
Extra:"Biff Lindström" with gravy and potato gratin


Puff pastry baked vegetables with ajvar sauce
Fish gratin with shrimps and dill, served with mashed potatoes
"Pytt i panna" with fried eggs and pickled cucumber
Creamy carrot soup with marjoram
Extra:Fish piccata with tomato sauce
Extra:Cheese fried celeriac with tomato sauce


Hot bean stew with quorn, chipotle and sour cream
Breaded flounder with ajvar sauce and mashed potatoes
Meatloaf with bacon, leek and mashed potatoes
Potato&leek soup


Broccoli&cauliflower gratin
Panko baked salmon and cod with remoulade sauce
Mexican meat stew with roasted corn, nachos and avocado dip
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream


Vegetarian Pad thai with peanuts, egg and tofu, served with a sesame and soy sauce
Creamy fishpot with white wine and saffron, served with boiled potatoes
Pork noisette black and white with bearnaise and red wine sauce