13 augusti till 19 augusti


Malaysian stir fry with minced quorn, rice and soy sauce
Poached fish with parmesan&basil sauce, boiled potatoes
Fried chorizo with mashed potatoes, pickled cucumber
Creamy mushroom soup
Extra:Vegan bean stew with rice
Extra: Stir fried beef with oyster sauce, chili and rice


Caribbean sweet potato patties, rice and hot black beans
Fish&shellfish pot with croutons, aioli and potatoes
Chicken with chili, cream and bacon, served with rice
Carrot&corn soup
Fried chorizo with mashed potatoes
Hamburger with jalapenos, cheese and tomato


Baked vegetables with feta cheese, puff pastry and cottage cheese
Breaded hoki with remoulade, lemon and boiled potatoes
Beef stroganoff with mushroom, onion and rice
Creamy broccoli soup with croutons
Chicken in yellow curry with rice
Raspberry&blackberry pie with vanilla yoghurt


Vegetarian chili with quorn, beans and rice
Baked saithe with orange and panko, served with herb sauce and potatoes
Meatloaf with mushroom sauce, lingonberries and boiled potatoes
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream

Soppa ala Masaman with lentils, potato and curry


Asian fish patties with noodle salad and dip sauce
Pulled pork with coleslaw, avocado, bbq sauce and potato buns
Creamy tomato soup with basil and croutons
Extra: Beef stew with rice
Falafel with beans, potato bun and avocado