26 oktober till 1 november


Pasta with grilled vegetables, capers and tomato served with roasted pumpkin seeds
Boiled haddock with eggs, shrimps and dill served with boiled potatoes
Extra:Chicken stew with lemon and rosemary sauce, garlic and rice
Extra: Zucchini and corn pancakes


Corn and zucchini pancakes with feta cheese, bulgur and beetroots
Baked haddock with roasted fennel and leek served with parsley potatoes
Meatballs with pickled cucumber, lingonberries and mashed potatoes


Mushroom risotto with roasted peppers and squash served with grana padano cheese and herbs
Creamy fish pot with saffron, roots and chives aioli
Kebab with pita bread, coleslaw, fefferoni and rice


Pumpkin and chick pea stew with tomato, coconut and couscous
Breaded cod with shellfish sauce, lemon and dill potatoes
Texas chili with cacao and cumin served with sourcream, nachos and roasted potatoes
Pea soup with pork
Pancakes with jam and whipped cream